i haven't been on here for a bit to post anything, but, today I decide to say hi to all you loving, caring, ppl on this site & to all of the ppl who have been supportive in my time of need. I just wanna say "Thank you" to my beautiful friends! Life is worth living again bc there are ppl like you in this big world we share!  xoxo...love you all!~~~••~~~

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Comments (6)

  1. suicidalthoughtsdotph

    I wish one day I get to feel that way.

    September 30, 2015
  2. bluevader

    God bless you. It’s nice to hear from you again

    October 01, 2015
    1. showerstoflowers

      God bless you too. Thank you. I feel invisible…

      October 16, 2015
    2. showerstoflowers

      Aww, ty! Good to know you are still w me!

      November 01, 2015
  3. bluevader

    Always here for you, (in a genuine way I mean – I like to think that if I can ever use my life experience or just simple friendliness to brighten someone else’s day, then that can only be a Good Thing). Keep smiling

    November 08, 2015
    1. showerstoflowers

      Aww, thank you so much. It is always a good feeling when someone can say those kind words. It makes me feel good, special.

      November 10, 2015