i'm just posting bc i feel that it will help me to get feed back. Good or bad. I know that in our relationship we had it. It was always there. It never left. This is just my side of the story.when two ppl have that i know they love eachother. I posting my messages bc i know that i have to be stronger & he can't walk away w/o knowing that i gave my truth. I just sent another text. I don't feel like i am going backwards.

I don't want the divorce. Just like I didn't want you gone all the time. I trusted us for a long time and maybe I shouldn't be saying this but its not just you w feelings. I had them too and I made sacrifices but in different ways. I always told you I understand but it wasn't an understanding that did require trust. It required it & I gave it. I gave the respect to our life together. 

Sorry guys but i have held my tongue w my feelings & cried a lot. He never replies bc it is too emotional to him. He doesn't care & he doesn't love me but that shouldn't mean that I should have to shut my mouth bout hurtful things. He says he would like to be my friend. Why, less responsibility, commitment, less of everything but i don't think i can do that. He gives an explanation of i have to get over me(us)& maybe in a couple of yrs we can be friends. what?!? Things again i have to think bout when your ready. it will prolly never become a friendship not bc he left but bc he walked out.he damaged me in ways that is not going to be returned. Idk

you know we lost everything between us. We shared nothing but can't u find it back? Obviously in my :(




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