To let go

why is it so easy for certain ppl to just let you go when you try to do what your vows say? Better, worse, sickness, health till death do you part? I guess its KARMA if you believe in that. I want to get past this dang feeling of failure, rejection, feeling worthless, having no purpose those things. I know ppl say in time and I guess my thoughts bout that is really you never get over someone you just move to the next place in your life. I want my place to run & catch me fast! I know I say Im not ready for a relationship but having just one person there when you feel blue or sad well thats what I think I want & need. Just someone to hug, maybe hold me for that loving feeling im missing. :(

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Comments (5)

  1. thedilatorywriter

    Letting go is the hardest thing you will ever do showers. The physical separation is only one component of that “letting go.” You have to let go emotionally and free yourself from the most basic desires to have what you had, for it to be like it was. I would say, it will never be like it was. If there was a reconciliation, it starts new and different only because of things said and done… But you must also let go of the possibility of a reconciliation in order for you to move on. Think about you finding someone new right now, and still holding the deepest feelings for that other one. It wouldn’t be fair to you or the new guy. Time baby girl… and I know it sucks to read or be told that right now. But truly time is the only remedy.

    June 26, 2015
    1. showerstoflowers

      Yeah, my anxiety just plays w my emotions too much. I can’t sleep, eat and I know I have to do those things. I think the thing is I feel guilty for not being what he wanted or needed. I’m down today.

      June 27, 2015
  2. DeeinFL

    some people only remain in our lives until they feel we serve no purpose being there any more. We learn from them and the experience. It’s very hard to let them go, but always remember that someone will want and need you as much as you need them. Hold your head up

    June 27, 2015
    1. showerstoflowers

      Yes, i see i am dead to him.i haven’t gotten the stupid thought of still being w him but i want to. Its just hard. i hope that is true someone wanting and needing me as much.

      June 27, 2015
      1. DeeinFL

        It is true, showerstoflowers. You will find that someone who is out there, and that someone is thinking the same thing. They hope that someone wants and needs them just as much.
        You deserve much, much, much more than what “he” offered you. You’ll see that and find that out over time.

        June 27, 2015