Well, yesterday was a pretty good day! My son & I had some time together! It was great, I cook us dinner & we did laundry together. Yeah, maybe not exciting, but, it was a great time even though we did laundry. Well, another reason I am writing is bc after we did our laundry we decided to stop by the EX'S! Mistake!!!what I mean by that is that my son wanted to p/u his gun he left w him for protection(another story), but, anyway, as we pulled up there was a woman getting out of her car & taking in a gate, thinking was a dogggie gate. Well, I was so upset. I mean, I thought I was gonna be more upset. I was at first, the initial shock, someone else! my adrenaline started pumping. I was like surprised...I shouldn't of been, but, I was. I thought of getting outta my car, but, I decided against it. I stayed in my car. I just waited for my son to come back. So, he did & I was told by my son that my ex said I should of texted him. I was like Fk that! Fk him!(sorry for language) i was like, that MOFO, came by the house when I was there & just announced he was stopping by. NEVER ONCE did he ask me if he could stop BY!!! I never questioned it! I was like okay. I was always Ok w it. I mean, he came & went as he pleased even though there were times I didn't want him over. He would say he was picking up the mail & would let himself in. Never once thinking that I wanted my privacy! So, that's why I said FK HIM! I know it is his home, house what the fk ever!!! he never gave me the respect that he wants! Am I really wrong for being upset? I mean, I know it is a matter of respect, but, idk. Anyway, back to the adrenaline...I left it alone. I didn't text him, call him. Nothing! I'm so proud of myself for not going there. I still haven't said anything, he was pretty upset, IDC! I'm sure he iSn't over it! I am, I thought I was gonna fall apart when I saw someone w him,but, I didn't really see him w her. I just saw her there! i am cool, I mean I guess that is how you react when you see something you don't want to be, but, it is what ot is! I know that now, I actually texted a gf of mine & she was sad for me but, I wasn't!***to be continued*** sorry getting sleepy, have dentist appt tomorrow. Gotta get some ZZZzzz's. Good night to my amazing friend on here! I love you!!

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Comments (2)

  1. Hugh_Pizmehoff

    Ex’s are better left in the past, where “ex’s” belong.

    August 26, 2015
  2. showerstoflowers

    Yes, I’m trying so hard to leavehim there. He belongs in the trash. Oh my bad! Did I just say that! Ha! Yes, I did! It’s been eight days since anything has been said to him.

    August 29, 2015