I love this site when I can say something that is bothering me....soooo....something is bothering goes...okay...stupid me. I started looking into social media too much...twit, fb, insta, sc...well, I found some pretty interesting stuff. Not interesting..hurtful stuff. I saw my ex's gf. Okay.okay. Yes! I know! My own fault for snooping...I found out that he was with her prior to the divorce even though he was putting up a front to me & my son(his stepdad). He said that she was a ROOMMATE...when in fact..she is his gf & he was saying she wasn't. To me,go figure. Liar! Liar! Ugh! Makes me sick! I know I am a better person bc I chose not to be that but it still hurts to find out  that as I was having surgery while he was putting a table together for her or doing things for her. Sadly. I was angry for a few days. I'm not angry any longer. Hurt still bc we made a VOW to eachother & as a matter of fact he was the one pushing marriage so hard! ugh!!! I'm better off. I do know this. I mean GOSH! Why do ppl do such things? I mean if you are done with a marriage go out withsome dignity..class...not cheating. i just hope that the tables are never turned on him as he has done this to me & my faithful self. Oh! btw, he had been saying to me that whenever he sees me...anxiety. NOW I KNOW WHY! the answer is so clear! Why would anyone want to see their ex that they cheated on?! Thats where his anxiety is...CHEATER! LIAR!! Okay. I feel much better. Off my mind for a bit. Thank you guys & gals for reading! ❤️😘

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