i didnt know what to title this but I sound like a broke record. I miss my ex. He has moved on w his life. He has a gf. I want him to be happy, I do. I just dont understand how someone can get with someone so fast when they were married for so long. I just cant understand it, I prolly never will. The unknown. I have been seeing /dating this one guy since Oct. i have no feelings of love for him. Nothing. It is a great time but it just doesn't fill the void of what I had. I hope I find that again soon. It is terrible wanting to love someone and it just hasnt happened...I am miserable, well, not completely. I can say I get up every morning not thinking that I am unhappy. I just think I have to get up, go to work & pay bills. Thats a terrible way to feel. Nobody to wake up to & or feel love. Im hopeless... :( i hope God sees that I am ready for love. I pray he sends me someone to love & be loved. Im just waiting & wanting. I think too much the wanting. Hopeless... Thank you for listening to me & my broke record everybody, I appreciate you!

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  1. bluevader

    Even though you are dating someone now, it is natural for you to miss the intensity of feeling you had for your former flame. Perhaps the fact you are dating makes the nostalgia even stronger in some ways? I think it is good that you are able to be honest with yourself, about how you feel, because it is all too easy to ignore feelings and hope that they go away (and they never do, really, until they are honoured and experienced and accepted)

    From your posts over time, it is clear that you are a loving person, and that when you do fall in love, you really mean it, (you are not “superficial” about it) and I am sure that God will answer your prayers, by connecting you to someone equally loving, one day.

    One day you will find yourself in a free yet supportive and accepting, loving honest relationship… The sort of relationship that brings 1 Corinthians 13 to mind…

    I am praying for you too.

    February 09, 2016