so my bday was several weeks back but my thoughts bout bdays. Its great to have one. I try and say it to all my fb friends, ppl i know, ppl that just exist. Thats the thing. To let them know that you are here and i see you so happy bday! Its the 4th of July but don't have any plans of celebrating, kinda aweful but my family has never been the holiday kinda celebrating type. My parents stopped doing Christmas(only one holiday) when I was 10 but my ex's their families celebrated it. They have the get togethers. It was nice but i always felt out of place. (Maybe my own stupid head) anyway, it was my ex's mothers bday 2 days ago & I texted her hbd. No thank you, no reply. So I guess i was right when i thought thru the years she didnt like me. She didn't. I wish that they never feel the way they have made me feel. Its not a good feeling. Maybe it was a mistake to do it but i did it bc my heart felt like it was the right thing to do. Sad when you have love in your heart and everything around you gives you the vibes of hate. Sad...:(

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  1. gramm

    Personally, birthdays suck! I mean first of all when your a kid, they are great, you get gifts and “stuff” from your parents and maybe aunts and uncles. Then the teens come and all you want to do is party with your friends. And late teens when the party is non stop. I mean, your friends are the shit man! All is cool, the world is fuckin GREAT! Then come the late teens, things get weird and everything is like, OH NO, they don’t like me and OH NO, he doesn’t like me and he wont talk to me and blah blah blah!!!!!! THEN comes the 20’s, ok all is cool and stuff 30’s, yeah whatever, the hubby thinks im great blah. Then 40’s you have kids you like HAVE to celebrate cuz “what would the kids think if you didn’t have candles on your frickin cake?” 50’s is like FUCK THIS! Who cares if I have a birthday or not. Not into the 60’s yet but I can assure you, birthday’s wont frickin matter one iota! OK, that is what I think of birthdays. AMEN!

    July 05, 2015